The myth around cheap WordPress based websites

Wordpress is free and simple.  That means that if you are tech savvy, have a webserver with both PHP and MySQL enabled and understand how to set the whole thing up you can have an online presence within minutes.  I know how to do it as I have done it many times. Wordpress offers even a vast array of free plug-ins that provide you with literally thousands of different functions as well as themes that allow you to “dress” your website literally as you like.  If you are willing to invest a few tens of pounds (or dollars/euro), you can buy a premium theme from a place like ThemeForest and enjoy a highly customizable theme.  These are usually great solutions for simple personal websites or blogs; problems start when people believe in the myth of free (or very cheap) Wordpress based website. What I describe above is true if you know and understand where all these little pieces of software Continue reading