Goal setting and my New Year’s resolution

Most New Year’s resolution fails by mid-January.  Instead of publishing mine at the beginning of the month and perhaps falling into the same trap I decide to hold on and see what happens.  There are all sorts of theories about goal setting but the two nearly opposite ones are here below:
  • Some insist goals should be challenging, nearly unrealistic, in order to stretch boundaries and one’s comfort zone. I would push a client in that direction if I know I can work with her on a regular basis and keep her accountable, reward her when she progresses and support her on the down phases.  For certain people when the goal is perceived to be out of reach they would not try to achieve it.
  • Others insist goals should be dead easy so the person achieving them would rewarded. In my opinion and experience when a goal is too easy to achieve there is less incentive to do anything about it. Continue reading