non drinkers, vegetarians and vegan activist

The biggest passion of my life is practicing martial arts and I am very fond of the whole philosophy which gravitates around it.  I am keen and dedicated but I can’t consider myself an activist.  Yes I would love to help more and more people finding out and start practicing martial arts but I hope I am not too pushy about it. This post describes activism I experienced in (non) drinking, vegetarianism and veganism. I occasionally like to have a drink, particularly with friends when socialising, but I have no problem whatsoever if anybody is on soft drinks.  When I am buying a round I will buy for people drinking anything reasonable they like.  I experienced people who would buy a round and buy drinks just for people on soft drinks; perhaps it’s because alcoholic drinks are more expensive but, in many cases I was told it’s because they don’t promote or encourage drinking alcohol, they are actually against it and Continue reading

A little note inspired by the whole #brexit hype

If you apply for a job and lie about your skills and experiences you will get fired as soon as the lies become obvious. Why politicians are allowed to lie in order to get elected and then cannot be removed from their position when the lie becomes obvious? The promises about the £350M per week and control of borders which is all to be established as part of the negotiation with the EU was obviously a lie, so why are these people still Continue reading

Victoria Plumb and low prices

A year or so ago it was impossible to watch half an hour of prime time TV without multiple adverts of Victoria Plumb.  We all know that adverts stating best value are often not entirely true but, in this case, the whole proposition seemed really geared around convenience, saving the middle man and so on so I decided to test the offer. At that time we were in the process of refurbishing the toilet in my business so I decided to check their prices.  The range of products available was in fact quite rich and apparently at competitive prices … until I got to checkout time.  The biggest disappointment was that on a total bill of less than £200 there was an extra £50 in delivery charges which, in my opinion was excessive both as an absolute figure as well as in proportion to the total payable for products.  I cancelled the transaction and eventually bought from one of their competitors. Most Continue reading

Internet access, its usage and mobile networks

Just a few days ago TV news mentioned how a couple of spots in East Anglia have the lowest internet connectivity in the region.  In some cases Internet access in provided at just a bit more than 1Mbps which makes it nearly impossible to operate for most of today’s services which exchange considerable amounts of data and start being useful from 5Mbps or more.  Just yesterday I heard in the news on BBC Radio 2 a statistic which mentioned that about 25% of the population in the UK do not have the necessary skills to use Internet in a useful way.  I can easily believe that as Internet hit us all quite suddenly and unexpectedly, particularly since smart phones are readily and cheaply Continue reading

A nice first impression from the Pint Shop

IMG_20150125_115057252_HDR[1]In a country where most bars, pubs and restaurants are part of large organisations, often controlled by multiple levels of management and bean counters, I always admire those individuals who have the guts to open an independent business.  Management, quality control and procedures, typical of large chains, enable commoditisation of cooking and food serving; these companies rely on a constant supply of people with little or no skill, they train them for a few hours or days and simply let them follow well tested procedures.  All this well proven system allow rapid expansion of these organisations and put us, the consumers, in front of fairly safe choices when it’s time to go Continue reading