The power of regular meditation

Over the last 6 months I have been listening to many podcasts from the “Tim Ferriss Experiment” where Tim interviewed a broad range of highly successful people from elite athletes, business people and scientists.  These interviews are often simply free flowing conversations without a strict agenda and vary quite considerably in length.  However there are a few questions which always pop up.  The most relevant for me is about morning routines and meditation practice which seems to have a regular pattern in the answers. More recently I bought “Tools of Titans”, Tim’s latest book.  This is a collection, of the above mentioned interviews where each paragraph is dedicated to a different person and what makes them successful.  One of the most astonishing statistics is that about 80% of these very successful people have been practicing mindfulness exercises over a considerable period of time.  Common benefits reported vary between a calmer mind, better response to Continue reading

Three books that changed my business

Can a book change you?  Perhaps. Can a book change the way you do things? Of course, if that’s what you are after.  Here is a short story of how three books changed my perception of business and how to run my own. Before I started my own business I spent a couple of years, while still in full time employment, reading all sorts of books and blogs about business, marketing and personal development.   In the years 2005-7 is when I noticed many people becoming professional bloggers; for the first time individuals could make a living by writing (one or more) blogs, and monetise them in various ways. With plenty of free information available I started reading everything which fit my own interest in running business, bootstrapping and, my new passion from 2007, coaching.  It was at that time I read the “Four hour work week” from Timothy Ferriss.  Many of the concepts Tim explains in this first book were so extraordinary Continue reading

Goal setting and my New Year’s resolution

Most New Year’s resolution fails by mid-January.  Instead of publishing mine at the beginning of the month and perhaps falling into the same trap I decide to hold on and see what happens.  There are all sorts of theories about goal setting but the two nearly opposite ones are here below:
  • Some insist goals should be challenging, nearly unrealistic, in order to stretch boundaries and one’s comfort zone. I would push a client in that direction if I know I can work with her on a regular basis and keep her accountable, reward her when she progresses and support her on the down phases.  For certain people when the goal is perceived to be out of reach they would not try to achieve it.
  • Others insist goals should be dead easy so the person achieving them would rewarded. In my opinion and experience when a goal is too easy to achieve there is less incentive to do anything about it. Continue reading

Announcing the Cambridge Wine Tasting group

I am very pleased to announce the launch of the Cambridge Wine Tasting group on  I love drinking wine, albeit in moderation, and I would like to know more about it; last year I met Domenico “Domn” Bonadio who is an enologist and wine expert and I suggested this collaboration as a way for him to share his knowledge about wine while I would help to market the group. After a few logistical issues and some efforts in securing a suitable friendly venue for our events we created the new group on and I am amazed of the super-fast response we had.  We announced the group four days ago and we advertised it via a friendly meetup (Cam Creatives) as well as a few meetups I am organising (Pitch Continue reading

Cambridge and the 20mph zones

I personally feel that people in charge of traffic in Cambridge don’t really drive; if they did they would surely do things differently.  This post is about the 20mph and why I feel they are not that useful.  A few years ago the council announced that some areas of Cambridge should have reduced speed limit at 20mph instead of 30.  Fair enough, the majority of the street which were object of such a policy were either:
  • Super busy, often impossible to drive faster than 10mph
  • Very narrow, crazy to go even at 20mph
  • With speed bumps, ditto as above
The silly thing I recently read on the local newspaper was that representative of the council was pleased of the results they achieved with this policy.  He stated that there was no need for checking speed in 20mph zones because Continue reading