Creating Cambridge BIG Summer BBQ

It’s amazing how these things happen: we started discussing during a Pitch and Mix Meetup about having a summer social event… then we mentioned this to the organisers of other groups in Cambridge and… a week later we were having a meeting among 6 of the most succesful groups and deciding date and time for the BIG Summer BBQ.

Why Creating Cambridge? Because of the independent nature of this event we wanted to have a separate name that would not privilidge one group against the others.  So we simply registered booked venue and now we are actively looking for participants.

For the first time, to the best of our knowledge, we’ll have people that network in high tech (electronics, software, hardware) groups as well as life sciences groups.

If you are interested please hurry up, because we have a limit of 200 people and we will have to stick to that number.  Please book now by following this link.

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