Keeping up with regular blogging

Seth Godin is an incredibly clever, talented and resourceful marketer, a true genius; I can spend hours watching his videos and presentations. Even when I know what he is about to say, and it’s similar to other presentations I previously seen, I still appreciate his wisdom and watch it again. He has been writing his blog, on which he writes at least one post every day, for many years. Seth’s style is very typical of him with one or two paragraphs which are written perfectly and they always make a very interesting point.

One of the first times I saw him in the short video here he said something which has fundamentally changed my approach to writing and blogging. “Writing is free”, he stated, “if you are not too good at it and you keep up with it you will get better”. On other videos he has been repeating his key point is about committing to a regular writing and getting used to express your opinions and ideas in public. Here is my version which I write mostly to make my point about something, without worrying too much who is going to read it and when they are going to read it. My new year’s resolution about blogging worked well in January, less so in February and similarly poorly in March. What happened? Work got busier and time was less available in the morning when my writing is most productive.  For me putting well written ideas on paper (or writing them electronically) is hard. It’s hard because I have a glimpse of what I’d like to write and it seems perfect. Then when I write it down it doesn’t really read well or the message inside is not that obvious so I need to re-write some of it swap paragraphs around and so on. When I have the impression it’s nearly OK I leave it there with the commitment of opening it again later that day or the following one. In this way with a fresh mind it’s easier to find small mistakes and further refine the post before publishing it.

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