Yellow belts in networking

NetworkingI have been practicing martial arts since 1978 so their practice is very much embedded in everything I do in my life; many martial arts use coloured belts as ranking system, in order to indicate seniority, and often experience/expertise within the school.  For many schools and styles the yellow belt indicates the level that students can reach after a few months of practice and by passing their first grading. During the last few weeks I attended as a guest a couple of networking events organised by two of the largest networking organisations in the UK.  I was surprised to see how many people which, albeit in position of responsibility within their networking group, act and behave like a yellow belt rank would do in a martial arts club; Continue reading

Good manners or common sense?

I will start this post with some questions:
  • Have you ever been invited to a party, conference or another important event?
  • Would you find natural to reply, if you were invited by a personal invitation from somebody you know?
  • If you replied YES would you find natural to turn up trying to pay attention to place, date and time?
  • If you cannot make it at the last minute would you find natural to let your host know?
  • If you turn up would you find natural, as soon as you arrive, to go and look for your host to let him know you are there?
  • And at the end when you leave would you find natural to look again for your host, thank and say bye?
Without any Continue reading