Cambridge and the 20mph zones

I personally feel that people in charge of traffic in Cambridge don’t really drive; if they did they would surely do things differently.  This post is about the 20mph and why I feel they are not that useful.  A few years ago the council announced that some areas of Cambridge should have reduced speed limit at 20mph instead of 30.  Fair enough, the majority of the street which were object of such a policy were either:
  • Super busy, often impossible to drive faster than 10mph
  • Very narrow, crazy to go even at 20mph
  • With speed bumps, ditto as above
The silly thing I recently read on the local newspaper was that representative of the council was pleased of the results they achieved with this policy.  He stated that there was no need for checking speed in 20mph zones because Continue reading

The negative foreign influence on Cambridge streets

Having lived in Cambridge for nearly 19 years I have experienced a profound, negative, transformation of how people drive on the city streets.  Being Italian I am usually labelled as the person which doesn’t respect the rules, particularly when we talk about traffic rules and regulations.  While in Italy driving aggressively is a need and a necessity I kind of enjoyed the more civilised way of driving once moved here.  British people tend to have more respect for others and queue without too much fuss; this applies to driving etiquette such as giving way to people getting out of driveways or allowing them to turn right across the street when coming in opposite direction by signalling them and slowing down.  While in Italy the yellow light is something you usually cross without too many hesitations but Brits usually stop at it… at least they used to, until some time ago. Over the last few years though I have experienced what I Continue reading

How not to park

Cambridge is an old city and, like many others, has serious traffic and parking problems, not really helped by an apparently car unfriendly City Council.  Public transport is encouraged by very high parking fees and relentless traffic wardens that are collecting hefty fines around the historical centre.  That is not a solution to typical situations of people that, like me, need to go to different places in a single trip, carrying bags and luggage and need to park in between. A very annoying thing that often happens to me is finding a parking area where you would easily fit, say, 5 cars but because of the way other careless drivers have decided to park you can merely fit 3 or 4 and you waste many minutes driving and polluting, looking for Continue reading