Internet access, its usage and mobile networks

Just a few days ago TV news mentioned how a couple of spots in East Anglia have the lowest internet connectivity in the region.  In some cases Internet access in provided at just a bit more than 1Mbps which makes it nearly impossible to operate for most of today’s services which exchange considerable amounts of data and start being useful from 5Mbps or more.  Just yesterday I heard in the news on BBC Radio 2 a statistic which mentioned that about 25% of the population in the UK do not have the necessary skills to use Internet in a useful way.  I can easily believe that as Internet hit us all quite suddenly and unexpectedly, particularly since smart phones are readily and cheaply Continue reading

Appropriate use of domains

It is a fact that the majority of businesses nowadays have some kind of Internet presence in the form of webpage, website or blog.  Unfortunately too many people have little idea how to best choose a domain for their business and they just assume anything will do. I am nearly shocked when sometimes I meet people, exchange business cards with them and notice the domain they are using to represent their business.  The sad reality is that a poorly chosen domain, as well as a badly designed logo, can give a bad first impression of who you and your business are. There are rules about what Top Level Domain (TLD) should be used to identify a business, a non profit organisation like a club or a charity or a university: some of these rules are strictly enforced (e.g. you cannot have .gov,  .mil or Continue reading