Be easier to find, even for your customers

I am often surprised, when looking for a business I know of, how difficult it can be to find it.   Earlier today I was sending out some invitations to a group of people I previously met at various networking events: I have business cards for all of them but nonetheless I had serious problems finding the postal address for 5 out of 20 of them.

How is it possible that somebody who designing a website or a business card decides to leave out the postal address, the post code or any other detail that can be crucial to find your business?  Think about it: if you are difficult to find the odds are that a potential customer may decide to go to an easier to find competitor.

This is my check list: although not exaustive it probably helps to correct many basic mistakes:

  • Have your full name, title, job title or profession on your business card;
  • Have the full postal address on the business card;
  • Have a “contact us” or “about us” page that has the full postal address and perhaps a Google map;
  • Have a “our team” page and highlight who the top person/people behind the organisation are;
  • Register your company on Google maps and then search the name of your company and the city where you are: you should really be on the first page!

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