Have a decent Email address

This post is for people that run a small business or are about to start one and are unsure whether their current hotmail, gmail, yahoo or other free Email address is ok to be used on their business card.  It is not! Please read on to understand why and how to address this important issue. I see a fair number of new business cards every month and I cannot avoid noticing random Email addresses that are immediately telling me how little care people pay to this important aspect of their marketing mix. An Email address should always be considered by its definition: an address.  People should be able to relate to you and being able to send you relevant messages.  As a minimum it should be give hints about your name and company name. In order to Continue reading

Be easier to find, even for your customers

I am often surprised, when looking for a business I know of, how difficult it can be to find it.   Earlier today I was sending out some invitations to a group of people I previously met at various networking events: I have business cards for all of them but nonetheless I had serious problems finding the postal address for 5 out of 20 of them. How is it possible that somebody who designing a website or a business card decides to leave out the postal address, the post code or any other detail that can be crucial to find your business?  Think about it: if you are difficult to find the odds are that a potential customer may decide to go to an easier to find competitor. This is my check list: although not exaustive it probably helps to correct many basic mistakes:
  • Have your full name, title, job title or profession on your business card;
  • Have the full postal address on the business Continue reading