Keeping up with regular blogging

Seth Godin is an incredibly clever, talented and resourceful marketer, a true genius; I can spend hours watching his videos and presentations. Even when I know what he is about to say, and it’s similar to other presentations I previously seen, I still appreciate his wisdom and watch it again. He has been writing his blog, on which he writes at least one post every day, for many years. Seth’s style is very typical of him with one or two paragraphs which are written perfectly and they always make a very interesting point. One of the first times I saw him in the short video here he said something which has fundamentally changed my approach to writing and blogging. “Writing is free”, he stated, “if you are not too good at it and you keep up with it you will get better”. On other Continue reading

Three books that changed my business

Can a book change you?  Perhaps. Can a book change the way you do things? Of course, if that’s what you are after.  Here is a short story of how three books changed my perception of business and how to run my own. Before I started my own business I spent a couple of years, while still in full time employment, reading all sorts of books and blogs about business, marketing and personal development.   In the years 2005-7 is when I noticed many people becoming professional bloggers; for the first time individuals could make a living by writing (one or more) blogs, and monetise them in various ways. With plenty of free information available I started reading everything which fit my own interest in running business, bootstrapping and, my new passion from 2007, coaching.  It was at that time I read the “Four hour work week” from Timothy Ferriss.  Many of the concepts Tim explains in this first book were so extraordinary Continue reading

A Post About Water

Today is the international Water Day. has asked, to as many blogger as possible, to write, on the same day, a post about water: here I am. Funny enough I am writing about something that I feel there should be many solutions available and often struggle to understand why there aren't. Water is the most abundant element on Earth: 3/4 of its surface is covered by water and yet providing clean and drinking water is one of the main issues to be addressed by developing countries.  Yes of course most of the water available is sea water therefore salty water that cannot be drunk directly but, hey, it's just about removing salt from it right? Removing salt from water requires desalination that is well known to require specialised equipment and infrastructure and to be an energy intense process.  Energy is required in terms of heat that is used to boil the water, produce Continue reading

Happy New Year 2010 and social networks

First post for the year can just reflect how I feel this morning: a happy new year starts, a nice and quiet celebration last night and a profound transformation in the way I felt New Years Wishes are sent from person to person.  Social networks are very much shaping the way many of us interact with a broad audience both for business and leisure but never before I noticed this until these festive days. Just 15 years ago post cards were sent before Xmas and New Year and then we would exchange wishes in person with people we were spending our NYE party.  About 10 years ago the popularity of mobile phones made possible connecting (if and when lines were free) with people that were not necessarily close to us.  Personally, until last year, this was the way I exchanged messages with friends and relatives. Of course Emails was there along the way but they require being in front of the computer Continue reading