Embracing change to enjoy a better future

Some people accept change or look for it as a new challenge or in the hope of some reward. Conservatively we can state that most of us, in some way or form, avoid or elude change as it threatens our way of life based on routine.  I will explore here how I work with people to help them accept the unavoidability of change and how in fact it can be so rewarding that we can re-train ourselves to actually look for change instead of avoiding it.

Scientific evidence

As explained by David Rock and his team as part of their work at the Neuroleadership Institute, we are physically hardwired to avoid change.  Our mind performs, at any given time, a large number of different tasks using both its conscious and unconscious part.  The former uses a very energy hungry part of our brain called pre-frontal cortex and it allows all conscious activity for which we are required to be ‘present’ and actively Continue reading

A blank page approach to coaching

There are many misconceptions about what a business coach is and can do for your business: I am convinced that this is mainly because coaching is still an unregulated profession and literally any cowboy can call himself coach and start trading. Business owners that have been exposed to these lesser professional coaches often report very different experiences to the basic underlying concept that coaching (business or otherwise) should be about.  Coaching is a self reflecting learning experience where the coach brings a structure and helps you to think better and facilitate your decision process while, at the same time, keeping you accountable for the actions you are committing to. I was recently Continue reading

What is the real cause behind that delayed task?

While working with a client this week I helped her to identify the real reason for her to delay a very important action and putting it off for more than a month. Two sessions before the client, that I will call AB to protect her privacy, decided that it was pivotal for her business to hire a VA (virtual assistant) to help her concentrating on her main job and becoming more effective.  Having a list of three well known VA in the area she committed to ring all of them and evaluate which one would best suit her needs.  AB stated that the whole operation would have taken about one hour that it would have been completed by the next session. Two session and a month later the action was still pending so I decided to be investigate a little the thinking process about an action that:
  1. it a was a necessary step toward the achievement of the Continue reading

Dealing with aggressive behaviour at work

Anger ExpressionThis is the first post of its kind, just to give an insight about how coaching can help one’s thinking toward a positive outcome.  As I am just sharing part of the conversation I am maintaining the high confidentiality that is always paramount in the coach-client relationship. During a workshop I recently run one of the delegates asked me if I would suggest ideas about how to deal with aggressive behaviour. After clarifying that as a coach I refrain from offering suggestions and I offered to show her how I could coach her to her own outcome.  The conversation went about this way:
Massimo: can you describe what do you mean by aggressive behaviour? Client: I always leave my door open as a personal policy and colleagues feel free to enter without being invited and start Continue reading

Coaching at the top

Man On Mountain TopI was recently at a talk organized by Cambridge Network where Louise Makin was presenting her 4 years at BTG and the great transformation she managed to undertake in this company.  The first part of the presentation was factual: the company was financially in a very bad shape when she was first offered the position of CEO and she managed to lead a deep transformation in the culture and running of the company itself. A heterogeneous group of different business models and modus operandi that was carrying over £30M of losses in 2004 became a successful money making organization in 2008 when the company managed to acquire Protherics and it is now in a very strong position with £60M in the bank.  While the presentation continued into the more human aspects of running the Continue reading