The unreasonable sale person

When someone is too eager to sell that doesn’t listen can easily become unreasonable.  Earlier today I received a phone call; this one of those calls which would normally be filtered by my assistant but this morning she was on holiday. The sales person was a woman; gender is irrelevant for the sake of this post but this caller was female.  As soon as she clarifies who I am she starts explaining that she is providing credit cards payments; as I am keen to save both her and my time I stop her immediately stating that we are ok.  She ask what we are using and I reply: we use Worldpay Zinc and it is fine for us.  She further clarifies: “ah so you pay as you go” and I confirm.  At that point she could have asked a simple question like how much money we transact per month and have an extra topic for discussion but she immediately stated that Continue reading

Three books that changed my business

Can a book change you?  Perhaps. Can a book change the way you do things? Of course, if that’s what you are after.  Here is a short story of how three books changed my perception of business and how to run my own. Before I started my own business I spent a couple of years, while still in full time employment, reading all sorts of books and blogs about business, marketing and personal development.   In the years 2005-7 is when I noticed many people becoming professional bloggers; for the first time individuals could make a living by writing (one or more) blogs, and monetise them in various ways. With plenty of free information available I started reading everything which fit my own interest in running business, bootstrapping and, my new passion from 2007, coaching.  It was at that time I read the “Four hour work week” from Timothy Ferriss.  Many of the concepts Tim explains in this first book were so extraordinary Continue reading

Announcing the Cambridge Wine Tasting group

I am very pleased to announce the launch of the Cambridge Wine Tasting group on  I love drinking wine, albeit in moderation, and I would like to know more about it; last year I met Domenico “Domn” Bonadio who is an enologist and wine expert and I suggested this collaboration as a way for him to share his knowledge about wine while I would help to market the group. After a few logistical issues and some efforts in securing a suitable friendly venue for our events we created the new group on and I am amazed of the super-fast response we had.  We announced the group four days ago and we advertised it via a friendly meetup (Cam Creatives) as well as a few meetups I am organising (Pitch Continue reading

The misconception about viral content

I was recently talking to a friend who is a successful novel writer and I was offering him a few tips about expanding the audience for his books in order to increase his popularity and ultimately his sales.  At some point he mentioned a small agency who offered to help him to generate some content for social media and he added that they managed to have a video for one of their clients going viral and he was expecting they could do it again for him. At that point I had to warn him that going viral is not something that anyone should or could guarantee and I explained why. The concept of a video (or other piece of content) going viral is when many people start sharing or commenting the content within a very short time, to a point when it gets noticed by a large number of people (hundreds of thousands or millions) who would not be the direct Continue reading

Communication from the eighties from Moto Guzzi

2013-03-12 15.48.04I have been a biker for more than 30 years but I never really fancied Moto Guzzi bikes that, however, have a small number of very keen followers ans supporters.  As I live nearly next door to a motorbike dealer it happens quite often that I walk past their shop and I quickly stop to have a look at the models in display.  The other day I was having my usual look and my eye caught these two words (see picture) on the head of one the two cylinders on this brand new Moto Guzzi.  Quattro Valvole means four valves (per cylinder) and it is a fairly common configuration for many petrol engines in the 21st century, being them inside a car or mounted on a motorbike.  In fact I remember when, in the early Continue reading