Flash liquid gel: the marketer new excuses for advertising

Watch several adverts for many regular products for personal and house hygiene and the message is more or less unchanged for the last hundred years.  Soaps that clean better, washing up liquids that wash better (more recently they also need less so they help you to save the earth…), shampoo that make your hair beautiful and so on.

They keep stating the obvious but simply by using the new endorsement or testimonial from the celebrity of the moment they remind us about that brand or product.  Next time we go shopping, if the product is visible, we are more likely to buy it.

I kind of admire new ideas and angles to tell us, yet another similar story, that sticks to our minds.  The advent and amazing growth of social media have contributed to reduce our attention spam to ridiculously low levels so marketers must come with increasingly good ideas just to keep selling the products they advertise.

A typical example that comes to mind is the “flash liquid gel” TV advert seen here:

While I like this approach being innovative I kind of wondering whether who designed it felt like being in a need for an excuse for advertising; they could have told us, once more, how good the product is (let’s face it: more or less they all clean well nowadays) but the decided to use a totally different angle.

The overall advert is about the other bottles in the neighbourhood being jealous of the new “flash liquid gel”. The approach is here clever and substantially different; leave the usual message about how better and cleaner it will be after you have used it.  Here the message is about usability of its innovative bottle and dispenser, the fact that is a gel helps to avoid spilling.  Although I did not remember the brand and product for the first few times it definitely left some interesting memories and inspired me to write about it.

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