What if money didn’t matter

I just found on Facebook a link to this great video that I find really inspirational:

I believe there are some fundamental questions that any person should ask, particularly a teacher when talking to her students.  Yes interesting… although I am not sure how many teachers, in various schools around the world, are actually allowed to ask this questions without having the whole educational system against them.

However good and inspirational are the questions asked in the video I believe that asking “what if money didn’t matter” is very much like asking “what if there was no gravity”; we can contemplate the ifs but the world and our society revolves around money.

It is true that many people end up doing what is convenient and not what they really want but economies are based on demand and supply.  Then we have the environment, access to the right studies to learn what we really want, the necessary funding to actually study what we want and so on… What could be applied to one individual could not work on the whole population.

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