Announcing the Cambridge Wine Tasting group

I am very pleased to announce the launch of the Cambridge Wine Tasting group on  I love drinking wine, albeit in moderation, and I would like to know more about it; last year I met Domenico “Domn” Bonadio who is an enologist and wine expert and I suggested this collaboration as a way for him to share his knowledge about wine while I would help to market the group. After a few logistical issues and some efforts in securing a suitable friendly venue for our events we created the new group on and I am amazed of the super-fast response we had.  We announced the group four days ago and we advertised it via a friendly meetup (Cam Creatives) as well as a few meetups I am organising (Pitch Continue reading

Yellow belts in networking

NetworkingI have been practicing martial arts since 1978 so their practice is very much embedded in everything I do in my life; many martial arts use coloured belts as ranking system, in order to indicate seniority, and often experience/expertise within the school.  For many schools and styles the yellow belt indicates the level that students can reach after a few months of practice and by passing their first grading. During the last few weeks I attended as a guest a couple of networking events organised by two of the largest networking organisations in the UK.  I was surprised to see how many people which, albeit in position of responsibility within their networking group, act and behave like a yellow belt rank would do in a martial arts club; Continue reading

The power of Twitter

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="282"] Image courtesy of[/caption] Having followed and re-tweeted people in the Cambridge area for years it happened more than once that I entered a networking event and I met in person somebody that already knew me via Twitter or I knew them or both. Earlier this week I met in person Robert Craven a famous author, speaker and marketing strategist, founder of the Directors Centre; as I walked into a conference he was seated having lunch with some people and, seeing me he recognized me, stood up and shook my hand to meet me in person.  Having interacted over Twitter and having commented each other’s blogs for a couple of years we actually never met in person and it was a Continue reading

Let’s exchange cards

Isn’t this one of the most used and misused sentences at networking events? Try visualising the following scene: you are at a business networking meeting.  Whether the event is managed by a facilitator or more informal, the typical elements are usually as follows:
  • a room  with several people talking to each other in pairs or small groups
  • some “expert networkers”, those who are visiting any available event in the area and know most of the attendees; they are usually "working the room", moving from person to person greeting and asking how it is going
  • others, a bit more focussed on meeting new people and find out who is that new face
  • there is always at least one person that is a total beginner to the concept of networking and perhaps a bit insecure about who to talk to and what topics to discuss
  • depending on the type networking event, you can expect some kind of personal introduction or pitch Continue reading

Creating Cambridge BIG Summer BBQ

It's amazing how these things happen: we started discussing during a Pitch and Mix Meetup about having a summer social event... then we mentioned this to the organisers of other groups in Cambridge and... a week later we were having a meeting among 6 of the most succesful groups and deciding date and time for the BIG Summer BBQ. Why Creating Cambridge? Because of the independent nature of this event we wanted to have a separate name that would not privilidge one group against the others.  So we simply registered booked venue and now we are actively looking for participants. For the first time, to the best of our knowledge, we'll have people that network in high tech (electronics, software, hardware) groups as well as life sciences groups. If you are interested please hurry up, because we have a limit of 200 people and we will have to stick to that number.  Please Continue reading