Cleansing your Twitter account:

This post is about why you should be using to un-follow people that have not tweeted for a long time and therefore cleansing your account.

After you have created an account and start following people many of them will follow you back; this was my simple formula to grow my followers as described in a previous post.  If you keep following new people and keep your account active, by tweeting regularly and reasonably often, you can get to a point that your followers naturally grow to the hundreds or thousands.  My general policy about following/followers is trying to have a good ratio where followers are more than the people you follow.  Considering that the initial scenario for all non-celebrity mortals is to follow more people than they have followers the natural question that arises is: “who shall I un-follow?

The simplest answer is: “people that have a dormant account, those that have been weeks or months without a single tweet”; why bother keep following them if they are not doing anything on Twitter?  A simple tool that offers just this simple function is a web app which, once authenticated your account with, lists people that have not tweeted for a certain period of time (default is 30 days).  I usually try to be a bit more tolerant and set the time to 60 days.  When I just did it earlier today I found 400 (!) people that have not issued a single tweet in 60+ days (some of them 6 months) out of my 4600+ people I was following. displays a list of these people with a tick-box next to each of them so you can inspect and decide who you’d like to un-follow.

There are many other tools that allow sophisticated analysis of followers, following, their habits and general classifications.  In my opinion, the simple rule of thumb of un-following inactive users, simplifies enormously my decision and the whole task.

2 thoughts on “Cleansing your Twitter account:

  1. I’ve never really understood any of the logic behind this. What harm does it do to follow people who are dormant? It probably happens quite often that I go for a couple of months without tweeting. Does that make me any less interesting than if I were to tell the world every time I take a dump?

    If anything, I’m inclined to unfollow the most *prolific* tweeters, not the least prolific.

  2. Many people that approach Twitter do not have idea what to do with it and I give here some guidances that are the the same I appply to my behaviour. From my point of view I think that there is value in keeping the number of followers higher that the number of people you follow. Considering that, unless you are a celebrity, you will always start following more people that follow you my simplest strategy about reducing the number of people I follow is to unfollow people that do not tweet for some time. If you are taking a decision on an individual or a handful of individuals it is one thing but when we talk hundreds at a time you need a rule that is simple to apply and to implement. It works for me 😉

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