Twitter as a tool for handling emergencies

twitterfeedWhile many people see it as a marketing tool and others consider it a waste of time Twitter, in its simplicity and limitations, is really a great tool for a variety of uses, such as handling emergencies of any kind, including business emergencies.  The fact that anyone can publish toward the world a tweet, an update that includes a link to a web page, a picture or a video it allows anyone to become an instant journalist; if the tweet contains one or more #hash tags or even simply words that relate to something interesting happening in the world and many people will be searching it the whole stream of tweets can go viral.  It occurred to me when a couple of years ago Anders Breivik massacred 77 people in Norway and by simply searching Continue reading

The power of Twitter

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="282"] Image courtesy of[/caption] Having followed and re-tweeted people in the Cambridge area for years it happened more than once that I entered a networking event and I met in person somebody that already knew me via Twitter or I knew them or both. Earlier this week I met in person Robert Craven a famous author, speaker and marketing strategist, founder of the Directors Centre; as I walked into a conference he was seated having lunch with some people and, seeing me he recognized me, stood up and shook my hand to meet me in person.  Having interacted over Twitter and having commented each other’s blogs for a couple of years we actually never met in person and it was a Continue reading

Cleansing your Twitter account:

This post is about why you should be using to un-follow people that have not tweeted for a long time and therefore cleansing your account. After you have created an account and start following people many of them will follow you back; this was my simple formula to grow my followers as described in a previous post.  If you keep following new people and keep your account active, by tweeting regularly and reasonably often, you can get to a point that your followers naturally grow to the hundreds or thousands.  My general policy about following/followers is trying to have a good ratio where followers are more than the people you follow.  Considering that the initial scenario for all Continue reading

The myth around selected Twitter followers

I find it kind of amusing when I meet self-defined “experts” in social media who declare to have a (usually small) selected numbers of followers on Twitter. This post is about explaining why this is merely a myth and should not be taken seriously. Let’s start from a practical example and first look at the most popular social network: Facebook. When I accept a friendship on Facebook I agree to exchange some of the information I put on my profile with that person. Each friendship is a mutual, one-to-one, relationship and both parties must agree to the connection; e.g. I cannot be your friend unless you accept my request. When looking at Twitter we should remember how different it is; here is how it works: Twitter is a micro blogging platform; when somebody decides to follow me on Twitter it is an indication, at least in theory, that this person is interested in reading my tweets in a similar fashion to somebody Continue reading

A keynote from Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary is one of the most famous marketeers who managed to capitalize his Social Media effort in a big way. After growing his family business from a small shop to a €60M he is now consulting companies among the Fortune 500 about how to use Social Media to engage with their customers. Here is one of his latest keynote (warning for the language).  The last 15 minutes, including the Q&A is the most valuable: Continue reading