Food Diary – Week 3

This is the food diary for my third week (7 -13/Jul); at the end of the second week I was getting used to the large consumption of butter.  I am not sure if it's related to the butter or just the weather but I feel with lower energy than usual. I spent in Italy most of this week and it was funny mentioning this test to some friends. For some of them 50 grams of butter is a quarterly consumption rather than a daily one.
07-Jul Friday Breakfast: 20g spread on toasts with jam; forgot to take the 30g for dinner I was invited to
08-Jul Saturday Breakfast: 20g spread on toasts with jam; Dinner: smeared 30g on a grilled steaak and the mopped up the remaining with bread
09-Jul Sunday Breakfast: 20g spread on toasts with jam; Lunch: spread 30g on bread I was having with a cold lunch based Continue reading

Food Diary – Week 2

This is the food diary for my second week (30/Jun - 6/Jul); At the end of the first week I felt so fatty and buttery (probably due to a combination of dinners out and drinking, totally unrelated factors to the butter itself) that I was considering quitting, however I am glad I didn't as I hardly notice it now. I spent in Italy the last two days of this week and, despite in Italy butter consumption is pretty low but many of the food and the dishes mix quite happily with butter.
30-Jun Friday Breakfast: 7.5g to fry my 3 eggs omelette (a bit more of the amount of oil I'd usually use) and 2.5g added inside the omelette and 10g in espresso; 10g in Espresso after lunch
01-Jul Saturday Breakfast: 30g spread on toasts with Jam, 10g in Espresso; 10g in a second Espresso
02-Jul Sunday Continue reading

On consuming 50g of butter per day for science

Frankly yesterday I felt so full and fatty that I was about to throw the towel but I am holding on.  Butter is kind of OK, even compared to lovely extra virgin olive oil I usually consume.  The key factor is sheer quantities; I usually cook and consume each day about half of the fat I am being asked to consume as part of this experiment.  Not even on a cheat day I would use 50g of butter on my own initiative. Despite mild negative feelings and a natural discomfort in feeling fat accumulating around my belly I will carry on; I am very curious to see the final results for myself and the experiment as a Continue reading

Food Diary – Week 1

This was my first week (23-30/Jun) in this experiment, no noticeable effects so far:
23-Jun Friday Dinner: made 150g of penne pasta, dressed with the whole 50g butter and lots of Parmesan cheese.  I grew up eating pasta with butter and cheese so great memory and enjoyable but 50g was a tad too much compared to my usual usage
24-Jun Saturday Breakfast: 10g to fry my 3 eggs omelette (no way I could use 20 and even 10 was more I usually cook with) the remaining 10g in an espresso (yummy) and 30g thickly spread on two toasts and then smoked salmon on top. I would usually eat salmon without any toast but I consider saturday a cheat day so I can eat bread with them
25-Jun Sunday Dinner: 30g on pasta (with parmesan cheese) and 20g on slice of bread with emmental Continue reading

Case study: is Coconut oil good for you?

I got involved in a case study run by BBC’s series “trust me I am a doctor”; apparently there no medical studies to prove whether coconut oil is good or bad for us. Some say that despite the saturated fats it contains other substances which have different effect on our health from butter or other fats.  Someone decided to put it to the test in Cambridge and I decided to opt is as a volunteer.  They selected a group of people, aged between 50 and 75, both male and female which will consume daily 50g of either coconut oil, olive oil or butter for 4 consecutive weeks.  Each individual must be healthy and not taking medicines to lower cholesterol levels.  We have all been tested for weight, height, waist circumference, body fat content and a blood sample was taken to assess cholesterol and (I presume) triglycerides. I was interested in being part of this study as I feel healthy and I Continue reading